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Siapa Saja Pengurus Permai BC 2014-2015

Martin Prijatna
Martin moved to Vancouver in 2009 from Singapore. He studied Branding
and Graphic Design and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Art Center
College of Design, Pasadena, Calif. in 2000.
His first career in Canada was a warehouse job as a mail sorter in
Purolator. He quit after 3 months and became a self-employed designer.
He continued working as a designer for variety of clients until now under
his own company, Nico Martine Branding. In September 2014, Martin was
appointed as a CEO of Fine Xport Trading Incorporated, a Canadian
Importing company for healthy food products from Asia.
Martin has big interests in people, exotic food and design with function.
He’s married to a wife and three children. He always has a positive
attitude towards life and its challenges.
In PERMAI, he is supported by strong team members that come from
many differences, such as age group, education and believes. Martin
portrays this diversity as the true color of Indonesia. To all Indonesian
communities in British Columbia, Martin welcomes all of you to participate
in PERMAI’s programs in a year ahead.
Let’s do something for Indonesia!


Tetty Simorangkir
Tetty came to Canada as a landed immigrant in Dec 2007. She graduated with Accounting Degree from University of Indonesia in 1983. Her previous education and experience had given her the golden opportunity to work in many national and multinational level companies in numerous roles such as bookkeeper, accountant, and account manager. In 1987 Tetty moved to the US for two years accompanying her husband continuing his study. Tetty presently works as an Accountant at Campbell and Grill Limited. Her passion in getting in touch with Indonesian community in BC and share the experience of living in Canada reflects in contributing her time and knowledge to the organization specifically in Financial matters.

Tetty lives with her husband, Charles Nainggolan and adult son, Odi, in Surrey, BC.

Muhammad Akbar Arief
Vice President
Akbar owes a lot to his experiences which has formed himself as a
person. He has lived in four different countries and no more than four
years consecutively in each, been in seven different Primary and
Secondary education institutions, and has chosen Vancouver to plant his
roots, at least for the foreseeable future. He is a student in the University
of British Columbia, hoping to declare Political Science as his major. Akbar
has a zeal for entrepreneurship, but sadly so far hasn’t struck gold on any
solid business! He loves music, bicycles, video games, the great outdoors
and the greater indoors, as well as cooking.

Viona Gusti
In 2007, Viona arrived in Vancouver to pursue her interest in drug
development process. She graduated from University of British
Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology in 2012. Since
then, she is working as a research technician in a non-profit drug
discovery organization and recently obtained her permanent residency
In her student years, she was involved with several students’
organizations as a treasurer, a mentor, and an event coordinator. In her
spare times she enjoys volunteering in various community events, church
activities and hospital visiting. She cherished her Indonesian culture and
joined IndoSatoe, a non-profit organization promoting Indonesian culture
in Vancouver, as a dancer in 2010. Together, she has performed at
Destination Indonesia, Edmonton Heritage Festival, Surrey Fusion
Festival, and Indonesian Trade Show to name a few.
She was excited to be part of PERMAI-BC as a secretary. Working in the
background to ensure smooth execution of various promotional and
celebratory events of Indonesian Diaspora in Vancouver B.C.
Her goal in PERMAI is (1) to build a cohesive community which provide
supports and networks for members. (2) to have active involvement in
local community needs and other charities causes.

Jessica Surianto Putri
Director of Arts & Culture
Jessica came to Canada in 2004 to pursue her bachelor degree. After
graduating from University of British Columbia with a degree in
Commerce (Accounting) in 2009, she landed a job at a major parking
management company in North America and became a permanent
resident in 2013.
For the past 14 years, she has organized various events in school, local
community, workplace, and her church. Some of them are: ArtFest, JDC
West Business Competition, Indonesian Community of BC
Christmas Celebration, company social charity events, and many more.
Aside from organizing, she also has been an event host, play director,
actor, singer, dancer, and musician. She credits her parents for her
passion in all things artistic.
Living abroad, Jessica has not forgotten her Indonesian roots. Her love of
Indonesian culture made her joined IndoSatoe in 2010, a non-profit
organization promoting Indonesian culture in Vancouver. She has
performed at Destination Indonesia, Edmonton Heritage Festival,
Surrey Fusion Festival, and Indonesian Trade Show to name a few.
Although new to PERMAI, she is looking forward to help bringing a
heightened recognition of Indonesian diaspora in British Columbia and a
better appreciation of Indonesian culture by the Canadian community in

Samuel Raharjo

Director of Information & Education Affairs
Professional Experience
Partner/ Business Counsellor in Financial Literacy Counsel Inc.
Simon Fraser University, BA, Communication
Graduate Diploma in Business and Administration, Business
As a financial advisor, I love my work and the impact I have with the
people around me. I became a Financial Counsellor because I enjoy
solving puzzles. Metaphorically speaking, achieving one's financial dream
is like solving a puzzle game. We all have the necessary pieces of the
puzzle, whether we have a wealth of assets or a humble nest egg to start
out, and we want to piece them together in such a way that it creates the
most accurate representation of the picture that matches our life goals.
My objective is to see people's financial pictures come to fruition and
appreciate it together with them.
Since 2009, I have been helping people transition towards their financial
dreams through small, achievable steps. Often times, when referring to
their financial goals, people are unsure of what steps are required to even
get themselves on the correct starting path. I want people to understand
that with a simple plan, direction, encouragement and a rigorous follow up,
everyone can achieve their financial dreams.
My goal in PERMAI is to make Indonesians financially literate.

Karina Chadijah
Director of Public Relations
Karina is a second year international student from Jakarta, Indonesia
studying at the Sauder School of Business. She’s proven to be a leader
and a strategic thinker through avid participation in various causes. Skilled
in communication and solving problems under pressure. Passionate about
films of all genre, Indonesian cuisine, travelling and city cycling.
Her goal in PERMAI in general is to bring all Indonesians as a community
to come together as a team, and PERMAI BC is one of the steps into
achieving that (at least with Vancouver first). She truly believes with her
skills and experiences, we will be able to reach that goal.

Adhityo Suryo Widodo
Director of Social and Sports
Hobby: Watching movie & read light novel
Education background:
- Vancouver Island University, Canada, MBA program, 2011 - 2013
- Rijkuniversiteit Groningen, Netherland, MscIB programme, 2003 - 2004
- Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta, S1 Manajemen, 1998 - 2002
- SMUN 39, Jakarta, 1995 - 1998
Job Experience:
- Sales/Revenue Analyst, Apps Cargo Terminal, Sep 2014 - Present
- Billing clerk, Apps Cargo Terminal, May 2013 - Sep 2014
- Project Financial Controller, Bali Energy Limited, Jan 2006 - Feb 2010
- Accountant, Bali Energy Limited, Feb 2005 - Dec 2005

Elisabeth Dewi
Director of Marketing and Promotion
Lebih dikenal dengan nick-name Bebeth. Lebih dari 10 tahun bekerja
sebagai Graphic Designer & Art Director di perusahaan Retail dan Media.
Terlibat sebagai Art Director untuk Miss Indonesia & Indonesia Idol di
RCTI. Sport lover : Sepeda, Gym, Hiking, Tennis, Snowboard.
Aditya Arizanda
Director of Operations and Logistics
Bekerja di trucking company bagian dispatch dan logistic. Adit sempat
tinggal di Edmonton dan menjabat sebagai IT director selama 4 tahun.
Hobby: car-racing, travelling, curling and basketball
Interest: automotive
Adit’s goal in PERMAI is to make PERMAI useful for Indonesian
Community and help every newcomer to stay and survive in Vancouver
and Canada.

Reska Nasution
Director of Social Media
Art enthusiast. Studying at the Vancouver Film School. Make something
new by mixing music. Skilled in fixing computer hardware and Digital
Editing. Reads philosophy, anthropology and cultural history books.
Passionate about Animated films, Indonesian cuisine, house renovations
and mountain biking.

New Board of PERMAI BC 2014-2015

Pictures of Annual General Meeting and Election of New Boards 2014-2015

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Piknik Yuk!

Klik gambar di atas untuk lebih jelas.

Wow! Waktu setahun telah lewat dan kita sudah berada di pertengahan tahun 2014. Persatuan Masyarakat Indonesia di British Columbia kembali mengundang segenap masyarakat Indonesia untuk ikutan piknik. Nggak bakal seru dan rame tanpa kehadiran Anda!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013