Thursday, January 21, 2010

About Our Speakers

Andry Tjahyana
Andry’s story is one of the great successful immigrant stories in Canada. He is the Executive Director of Development for Trinity Western University, the only university in Canada to achieve an A+ “Overall Quality of Education” rating three years in a row.
With 20 years of experience in business development and corporate restructuring and capitalization, Andry has become more than an ordinary immigrant. His passion and respect for his father have crafted him in becoming the successful person he is today. Mark your Calender down for Saturday, January 30, because Andry is going to share with us his success story.

Nick Noorani
He is the founding publisher of Canadian Immigrant Magazine and Immigrant Networks. Mr. Noorani is also dubbed as a social entrepreneur and an immigrant advocate. Originated from Mumbai, India, Nick arrived in Canada in 1998 with hopes for a better future for himself, his wife Sabrina and two children. Nick is an expert in marketing, working with some of the world’s leading brands such as BMW and Coca-Cola. On Saturday, January 30, join us to learn from Nick Noorani as he will be sharing the “Seven Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants.”

Dennis McCrea
Dennis McCrea obtained his law degree from UBC in 1972 and a Master of Law Degree from the London School of Economics in 1974. He devoted his entire practice to advice individuals and corporations in immigration and citizenship applications and as a counsel before the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Federal Courts. He is also a prominent member of the Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration Section, having served as both National and Provincial Chairman.

Do you have questions regarding immigration issues? Are you going to be graduating soon and need advice on how to apply the many ways to become a permanent resident of Canada? Come and join us on Saturday, January 30.

Tara Fong
Tara is Director of Career Services and Operations with Training Innovations. Tara has extensive experience working with immigrants and is extremely passionate about assisting recent immigrants to reach their employment and educational goals. In the Skills Connect for Immigrants Program, their goal is to provide a one-on-one employment support to assist new immigrants find employment that matches their pre-arrival skills.

Key components of the Skills Connect Program are assessing participant’s skills and experience, improving English language and communication skills, getting industry specific training, learning more about Canadian workplace culture, finding work that matches your qualifications and securing employment. She will be happy to answer any of your question during the workshop on Saturday, January 30.

Clara Kriswanto
As the founder of, an Indonesian leading coaching website, Clara Kriswanto is an astounding life coach in Indonesia. She graduated with a Master Degree in Applied Anthropology, Community and Youth Work from one of the top universities in London, United Kingdom.

Moreover, as a certified professional business coach, Clara Kriswanto has so many to offer. A mother of 4, of whom 3 are university students, is the author of two books in family and sex education for parents, both were published in Indonesia. Clara is now expanding her professional services to people in British Columbia. On Saturday, January 30, Clara Kriswanto will cover a very important subject called “Crossroads of Life.”

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