Friday, June 18, 2010


The year 2009/2010 has been a busy year for PERMAI-BC. It is very encouraging to see how PERMAI-BC is now well established within Indonesian-Canadian community. We have seen many challenges on the road but Tim PERMAI persisted and pursued their best effort to make many events happen.

Membership is the blood of the voluntary organization like PERMAI-BC. We have to share with you that membership of PERMAI-BC will take more time to grow since the organization has not been operated for the past 7 years (with the exception of the year 2005/2006).

While membership is the blood of our organization, events are the heart of PERMAI-BC. Both are in need of each other to maintain the life of the organization. Membership would not grow without events. The past year has shown an increased capacity of Tim PERMAI in making many events happen in the community. In most of the event we have been very fortunate to have support from KJRI Vancouver.

Indonesia Day 2009 – Annual Event for the Community

Care For Padang – Earthquake Fundraiser (The fund collected was combined with EICA Edmonton & CSIS Calgary to be donated for part of school building in Padang, Indonesia). Over 30 people were volunteered in the event .

Culture Sharing: Talk Show with Stephanus Hamy (notable Indonesian Designer who visited Vancouver in one of his effort to support UKI-BC earthquake fundraiser. We managed to ask him for a short talk on Indonesian Textiles. With a usual full support from Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver, we invited Metro Vancouver’s arts community and approximately 60 people were in attendance.

Temu Kenal
This is the regular event held at the home of our Indonesian friends where people from the same municipality/neighbourhood could meet and be connected. We have 3 Temu Kenal in the past year : Richmond (@ Saleh Tjandra & Belinda Lee’s house) Port Coquitlam (@ Daveny Soufyan & Yati Achjadi’s house) Vancouver (@ Puspa’s family).

Sport & Recreaction
We had fun with bowling @ Rev in Burnaby in May 2009 and in February 2010.

Community Education:
‘One Stop Success Resource’ Workshop has attracted Indonesian students in Vancouver to participate. It was a successful workshop with more than 50 people attended. We had Guest Speakers as follows:

Mr. Nick Noorani , Mr. Andry Tjahyana, Mr. Dennis McRea, Ms. Tara Wong and Mrs. Clara Kriswanto.

PERMAI-BC 15th Anniversary
Hosted by our member, Dina & Andre Dell, PERMAI-BC’ Anniversary, we have 65 people with Mr.Bambang Hiendrasto, Consul General of Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver was in attendance.

Indonesia Night:
In partnership with Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood House, we had the opportunity in sharing our culture on April 2010 in their location (East Vancouver) where they have the tasted our delicious Indonesian food and enjoy the performance of our Indonesian Dancer and Singer. 120 people was in attendance.

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