Monday, July 26, 2010

Indonesia Day 2010

Come and join us at the 2nd Annual INDONESIA DAY 2010 to celebrate our cultures as well as Indonesia’s 65th Anniversary. This will be a fun-filled day of community gathering, entertainment, fun games and food!

Entertainment line-up include:
· Traditional Dance Performance
· a musical of our popular tale: “Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih”
· Comedy adaptation of “Malin Kundang”
· Our local talented music is ready to entertain! Among others are Pedro Java from Victoria, Taufik & Band, Grace & Marlon Paulus, Daryl & Timmy and Riri & Friends.
· Family Outdoor Fun Games will add to an afternoon of enjoyment for everyone.

Try and enjoy Indonesia’s favourite culinary, whether you are a long time fan or first timer, our Food Bazaar will have varieties of food, drinks and dessert that will surely entice your taste buds!

Looking for gift ideas? Our booths of Indonesian’s Art and Craft will be available for your early Christmas shopping. Most of our products are made by talented home-based Artisans in Indonesia with its signature designs at an affordable price. Pottery, Textiles, Housewares, Accessories and Jewelleries with many varieties and choices.

INDONESIA DAY 2010 – Fabulous Diversity

Come and join us, where entertainment, food and fun are blended together to ensure good times!

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